1.  Tap and hold card or phone (apple pay) on the point of sale
  2. A power bank will dispense within several seconds
  3. Charge your phone (make sure the unit is turned on)
  4. Return the power bank into any empty slot on the station

You can either return it back into the same station, or you can simply scan the barcode on the back of the power bank to see all the locations. It is simple to return the power bank – just insert it back into the station with a logo facing upwards and the blue panel facing front.

This charge is a deposit, and will be credited back to your upon return of the unit to any JUUCE station, minus the charging fees incurred.  

You will be a charged a flat fee to purchase the unit equivalent to the deposit charged upon dispensing.  We have a limit on the amount you will be charged which depends on the venue.  After the fee, the power bank is yours to keep.

No, you do not have to download an app, we are the first in USA to introduce a contactless payment technology. You can simply tap or insert your card at the yellow payment terminal and take the power bank right away. You can scan the barcode on the back of the power bank for locations.

You can locate the nearest station via our website or alternatively scan the QR code on the back of the power bank. You might need to refresh the map to see an up to date information on which stations are available.  

Just tap or insert your bank card at the yellow payment terminal, after the payment is processed a power bank will automatically pop out of the station. It will be fully charged and ready to use. Switch the power bank on, which is an orange button on a side, and pick the right cable for your type of phone (micro, type-c, or ios). After the phone is charged the power bank can be returned back into the station within the next 20 hours

Make sure the power bank is switched on (an orange button on a side of the power bank), you will see three blue LED lights. We recommend you to remove a thick phone case to make sure the cable is fully plugged in. If you are still experiencing troubles – please, contact our 24/7 customer support team



We will pay you $100 for every venue to refer us that signs up with JUUCE

Stack of JUUCE chargers